Tuesday 28 April 2020

Gearbox monitoring


Gearboxes are vital components of fans, motors, compressors, and other machinery. Vibration sensors help to improve gearbox reliability and efficiency by detecting mechanical problems early, so you can minimize unplanned downtime, reduce operating costs and protect your gearboxes from damage or failure.

Main or Key indicators of gearbox health:

• Balance
• Looseness
• Alignment
• Gear tooth condition
• Bearing condition

The Most Common Reasons of gearboxes fail:

• Gear tooth wear
• Gear tooth misalignment
• Bearing wear
• Fatigue
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How to Protect your gearboxes?

• Identify faults early
• Extend equipment life
• Minimize lost production time
• Order replacement parts prior to

Some Recommended monitoring solutions

Consideration Solution
Corrosive  environments Integral cable sensors
Dual output accelerometers
Gear mesh
High frequency sensor
Gear tooth wear,
bearing wear
Dynamic vibration monitoring

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Day-to-day condition monitoring for a large fleet of wind turbines

Ideal markets and applications:

• Pulp and paper mills
• Wind turbines
• Plastic manufacturing
• Food processing
• Power generation
• Oil and gas

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